Talking Tough: We are here to win the title.

Coaches of three teams present at the Nigeria Women Premier League (NWPL) Super 4 have been talking tough and have each vowed to pick up the title come the final day of the competition.

Speaking to at different interviews, each coach spoke about their different expectations and other issues in relation to their different teams. Although each of the coaches tried not to undermine the strength of the other teams, they have each vowed to pick up the title.

For Coach Clifford Chukuwuma, Head Coach of Delta Queens, he believes that the fact that each team would be playing against each other in the tournament means there is no cause for alarm. He explained that his ladies had it tough at the beginning of the league season but gathered momentum towards the final stages and believe this would help increase the confidence of the ladies to claiming the title.

“The teams are good and for the fact that you are going to play amongst yourself, I don’t think there’s going to be any problem about the draws. Really we didn’t start well, the challenges were at the beginning but you could see that nobody expected that we would get there but the momentum in the last phase was fantastic I think with that we have a chance of winning it.”

Edwin Okon, head Coach of Rivers Angels termed the other teams familiar foes but believes the better team would always carry the day. He also expressed gladness at the accomplishment of his team and expects them to continue the trend they’ve set for the past six years. His words:

“Rivers Angels are the defending champions of the league and as a coach you must be proud of your wards at that level of your players or your team getting to level. So asking me how proud I am, I think I’m the happiest person as at today. It has been like that for six years and I think this year shouldn’t be different. They are all known foes, every team is good but the better side always carry the day.”

While for Coach Michael Oluwaseyi Olaoye- Assistant Coach Nasarawa Amazons, his players are ready for the challenge and the lack of fans won’t deter them from playing well on the pitch. He explained that the team despite been the only Northern team are in Benin City for the sole purpose of winning.

“I don’t see any team as a threat this season, because with what we’ve imbibed in our players this season, we are a team to beat. This season we are here to win, we are here for the business and the business of winning. Football is played on the field and it’s not played by the fans. Fans can motivate you but football is played on the pitch so we are ready.

We don’t look at maybe it’s a neutral ground, it’s a ball game that we just come to the field to prove ourselves and we would do it. We are very ready to play and this season we don’t want to go anyhow we are here in Benin for business and the business of winning.”