Suso Reveals Inter Interest Ahead Of Derby

AC Milan star Suso has talked about how he turned down rivals Inter Milan last summer before penning a new deal with the Rossoneri.

The Spaniard was speaking during an interview with La Gazetta dello Sport.

AC Milan and Inter Milan meet in a mammoth Derby clash in the league on Sunday.

In his words, the former Liverpool winger said: “Where would I rank the derby in which I scored two goals among my most unforgettable career games? First, it was the most exciting match of my career.”

“After that, the debut at Liverpool in the Premier League in Anfield against Manchester United and the third is the Supercoppa Italia we won against Juventus.

“It was said in the summer that Inter made an attempt for me? In the summer they made me an offer. I had just changed my agent and they talked to him. Then I don’t know what Milan told my agent, but I had clear ideas: I wanted to stay here and renew my contract [Suso ended up signing a new deal until 2022]. My future? I could’ve gone away before renewing but I’m fine here and I’m very happy. Then in football there is no ‘for life’, and now it is important to finish the season well.

“What specializes the Milan derby? San Siro is always very full and then there’s the tifo. Anfield is very nice but I’ve never seen tifo like that. Then of course, the match is very important for the city and the fans. My family and four friends come, they came when I scored the two goals and now they must always be there… Who would I remove from Inter? Everyone says [Inter captain Mauro] Icardi, but I played in the national teams with Rafinha before he chose Brazil. If he’s fit, he’s a great player.

“If Milan win then we send Inter into crisis? It doesn’t interest me if Inter go into crisis. But if we win it would be beautiful, we would have a chance to get to the CL. Now we are in a good moment and so the legs don’t weight too much. If I’d rather affect the game with a goal or an assist? An assist.

“Who are the most difficult to reach in the Champions League race between Lazio, Inter and Roma? Lazio. They are not a team that plays so conspicuously well but they know what to do and leave few spaces. They are the steadiest side. Fourth place, the Europa League or the Coppa Italia? Fourth place. If you win the Europa League and then finish 10th in the league, what’s the point?

On the tasty UEFA Europa League (UEL) round of 16 tie, Suso said: “Arsenal would be happy with that? Yes, I liked the draw, I like playing big sides and I wanted a team like that. Juventus in the Coppa Italia final? Finals are not played, they are won. We know that Juve are used to finals but in games like this it’s 50-50. We can win and they can win, like in the derby.

“There was a talk after Wednesday’s semi-final about a quarrel with Sergej Milinković-Savić [the Lazio midfielder made fun of Suso’s fall to the ground, which he thought was simulation, and then supposedly spat on the ground]? I didn’t notice anything. Donnarumma told me about it but I thought it wasn’t true. And then my mother sent me the news. If the teasing or the supposed spitting bothered me? These are things that must never be done. I never do them, but everyone is different.

“And in any case we are in the final, not him… Who is the Milan player who has surprised me the most? Romagnoli, I like him a lot. He had physical problems but now he has a very high level. Cutrone? He’s very smart inside the area, then he’s got a bit of luck.

“Cutrone is always where you need to be to score and this cannot be taught. Look at his goal against Roma, he doesn’t even see the ball and yet he puts it in goal. Maybe months ago, that ball would’ve hit the pole or the goalkeeper’s face and would’ve gone out.

“Kessié said after the match against Roma that little work was done with Montella [you can read the interview here]? There was a need to change here, but I have to thank Montella forever. Everyone has their own way of training and maybe he will win the Champions League with Sevilla, he certainly worked differently. When we were winning with him, nobody said anything about the method.

“I said before that I would never be a coach myself? Yes, there are 25 players on the squad and someone is always unhappy. I don’t like it to happen because of me. What is the main quality of Gattuso? Passion. He won a lot and he knows how all of this works.

“The characteristic of his Milan is concentration. I was struck by the desire to work, he likes he does and puts in a lot of intensity. If you train like that then it’s easier in the match. If he talks a lot with the players? Yes, I like the way in which he enters people, he is very honest and talks a lot.

“He always screams during matches? He likes to always talk, he wants us about what we are doing wrong. Sometimes you don’t notice something, and he helps you because he tells you. I do prefer to play the first half on his touchline, so he gets all the shouting out the way and I can relax in the 2nd.

“My dogs also play football? I have three: Lorenzo, Tina and Gala. If you don’t take the ball away, then Tina would play all day…” he concluded.