Supernovas Seeks Football Coaches To Inspire Children in Nigeria

Supernovas is inDrive’s global non-profit initiative that strives to engage children in sports by recruiting coaches who can help them build skills, confidence, and a love for the game. Sports play a vital role in shaping the lives of young people, not only as a means of staying fit, but also as a way to learn discipline, teamwork, and leadership. However, many children lack access to organized sports programs and the benefits these bring. Anna Fedorchuk, head of Supernovas, shares insights into the project, the qualities they seek in a coach, and why their work is so crucial in Nigeria.

Please tell us about the project.

Supernovas is an international non-profit football project for children. By engaging children in football, we want to help them to develop both physically and socially. The project is financed by inDrive – a US global mobility and urban services platform.

We’re looking

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