Obrutse Obaro defeated Marizu Kenneth 2 -1 to emerge winner of the Nicon Town 8ball Pool Tournament held at the Nicon Town Recreational Center last Sunday.

The tournament which was organised by Nicon Town Snooker and Pool an accredited club of the Snooker and Pool Players Alliance, saw Obaro bounce back in the second and third racks after losing the first to the underrated Kenneth Marizu with 3 balls left on the table.

To get to the Final, Obaro defeated Chijide Charles 2–0 in the first semifinal in a captivating encounter.

Marizu Kenneth’s route to the final took him past Chijioke “Jokes Man” Isiolu whom he defeated 2-1 in the second semifinal after qualifying with an 8 win 8 loss record in the preliminary round-robin. 

Charles Chijide beat Barrister Chijioke Isiolu 2–0 in the third-place match where he showed a more determined resolve that his ladder-topping 12 win and 8 loss record in the preliminary was no fluke. 

Obaro took home prize money of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira, only) in addition to a free Snooker and Pool Players Alliance (SPPA) registration for winning the tournament while Marizu Kenneth received N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira only) for his second-place finish with Charles Chijide who finished third receiving N5,000 ( Five Thousand Naira, only).

Addressing the participants and players, president of the SPPA Idada Joachim said: “This tournament is part of the big programme that is aimed at producing top players that are ready to effectively compete at the bigger international circuit and stage with the next 5 years.”  

He also announced that that the next major tournament will be the Top4 Challenge on the Club and Neighbour level.


Preliminary Round 

7th September 2019 

Chijioke Isiolu 2–2  Kenneth Marizu 

Obaro Obrutse 0–0 Emeka Chijide (annulled)

Kenneth Marizu 1–3 Charles Chijide 

Chijioke Isiolu 1–3  Emeka Chijide 

Obaro Obrutse 1–3  Charles Chijide 

Kenneth Marizu 3–1 Emeka Chijide 

Charles Chijide 3–1 Chijioke Isiolu  

Kenneth Marizu 2–2 Obaro Obrutse 

Emeka Chijide 1–3 Charles Chijide  

Obaro Obrutse 3–1 Chijioke 

Sunday, 9th September 2019


Charles Chijide 0–2 Obaro Obrutse 

Bar Chijioke Isiolu 2–0 Kenneth Marizu 


Obaro Obrutse 2-1 Kenneth Marizu