Siasia Blames Administrators for Poor Management in Nigerian Football

Erstwhile national team coach Samson Siasia believes the current crisis rocking the country’s league over the months was caused by poor management on the part of people running the league.

According to Siasia, “Our league did not end the way it should, and a winner was declared. That’s not how it is done in the developed world; even though we are in a developing country.

“Our football has climbed to the level it is currently because of the players’ passion, and not our administrative know-how. We are yet to get the quality administrators that will take our football to the desired level.

“The era we had good football administrators, they were not allowed to perform.

“I remember South Africa came here soon after the apartheid to learn football administration, and see the level they have attained.

“Very soon, we will start sending our would-be administrators to South Africa that we taught how to administer football to learn from them. Are we progressing in that regard?”

He advised operators of the country’s league to sit up and ask questions when facing situations they can not handle alone.

Siasia expressed surprise at the decision to promote four teams without relegating any.

“I am not criticising them, but as a former football player, and a coach of national teams at various levels, I believe I have some input to make at this stage.

“We need to let them know when things are not going well,” he added.