Serena Williams Suffers Defeat In Comeback Match

Former world number one Serena Williams returned to court at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi on Saturday but was beaten by Jelena Ostapenko.

Williams was playing her first game since giving birth to daughter Alexis in September and she ended up with a 6-2 3-6 (10-5) defeat to the French Open champion.

Serena Williams won last year’s Australian Open while she was eight weeks pregnant.

Speaking after her comeback match via Eurosport, the American was delighted to be back. She said: “First matches back are always hard, especially after having a baby, but it’s great to be here.”

“Motherhood is phenomenal. I was a little worried out there – I looked at my camp and asked “is Olympia okay?” but it’s good to be back on the court. This was such a good time for me.” she added.[tps_title][/tps_title]