Rugby: NRFF Announces 2020 Calender

The Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) has released its programme of activities for the year.

Speaking to journalist in Lagos, Technical Director Abubakar Yaro said “The year will kick off with training course for our coaches, Referees and Administrators followed by a return to the National Sports Festival in Edo after a 10-year absence.

“We will then take a break due to the Ramadan fast. The President’s Cup between Police and Barewa will usher in the 2020 League Season after which Nigeria will host the West African Rugby Series in Lagos’’.

Abubakar further said the Black Stallion Men’s Sevens will engage in the Africa Cup 7s later in the year.

On the federation’s plans for women’s rugby, he stated: “We are also looking at our Women’s Sevens competing on the continent this year after another ten-year absence.

“Recall our Women’s Sevens team last participated in the year 2009 in Ghana where they finished runners up to Tunisia. They were sponsored by Mr Kelechukwu Mbagwu who was Chairman of Friend’s of Rugby at the time and now that he is President, he is working hard to ensure our Women’s team feature on the Continent again.

“We have identified a number of them playing in Canada and the USA. They converged and participated at the Las Vegas 7s International Open Tournament in March, 2019 where they reached the Cup quarter-finals. We look forward to having them come home and mix with our home-based girls to represent Nigeria this year”. 

Weighing in, NRFF President Mr Kelechukwu Mbagwu added: “We’re very much looking forward to starting 2020 with some capacity building programs and we will pay more attention to schools Rugby.

“The President’s Cup between Police and Barewa is pending so it is imminent that we conclude it. The Board agreed to start a Cup competition alongside the League this year to give the players more playing time as well as include a Sevens circuit and Women’s Sevens League towards September.

“We enjoin corporate Nigeria, Individuals and foundations to partner with us to grow Rugby in Nigeria. Our doors are open to discuss.”

NRFF Program of Activities 2020


– Board Meeting


– Coaches & Match Officials Training course

– National Sports Festival (March 22 – April 1)

– Annual General Meeting


– Easter Sandie Beach Rugby

– Ramadan Fast Break (April 23 – May 23)


– President’s Cup (Police Lagos Rfc vs Barewa Rfc)

– Northern & Southern League Season

– Northern & Southern League Season


– Camping for West Africa Regional Series (WARS)


– West African Regional Series Tournament

– Lilleker Tournament Zaria

– Northern 7s

– National 7s Circuit Tournament


– National 7s Circuit Tournament

– Camping for Safari Sevens

– Safari Sevens Invitational Tournament, Kenya

– National Youth Games

– National Women’s 7s Camp


– Nigeria International Sevens (Independence 7s) / State Schools 7s / Women’s 7s

– Africa Cup Sevens (Women’s)


– Africa Cup Sevens (Men’s)/ HSBC 2021 World Sevens Series Qualifiers


– Rock ‘N’ Rugby Beach Tournament

– Sandie Beach November Edition