Roche, Neurologists, MSAIN Raise Awareness About Multiple Sclerosis (MS) In Nigeria Through Football

Roche has announced an awareness campaign in partnership with a patient advocacy group – Multiple Sclerosis Awareness in Nigeria (MSAIN) to mark the World MS Day.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the importance of early diagnosis by developing an experiential football that mirrors the signs and symptoms of the disease.

By using the football, a community team, Alpha FC in Abuja gained first-hand insight into how MS affects and impairs the senses. Of the 2.9 million people living with MS worldwide, over 100,500 live in Africa with approximately 2,800 new diagnoses every year.

According to recent statistics, 10,048 Nigerians are living with an MS diagnosis. As disease prevalence increases, Roche is actively working with neurologists and MS patient groups to increase awareness, support the improvement of MS data and registry systems, and address barriers to accessing MS care and treatment in Nigeria and

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