Recipe for success. Harry Kane reveals hiring a personal chef has boosted his career.

Tottenham and England striker, Harry Kane has been in mouth-watering form for club and country all year. The 24-year-old has scored 41 goals in 35 games in 2017 and has been deemed to be one of the finest strikers in the world, up there with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kane revealed a new healthy diet helped him recover from fatigue after Euro 2016.

“I think, over the last year or so now, I’ve changed a lot off the pitch with the nutrition side of it. It kind of clicked in my head that a football career is so short. It goes so quickly, you have to make every day count.” Kane explained.

“So, I have a chef at home to eat the right food, helping recovery. You can’t train as hard as you’d like when you have so many games, so you have to make the little gains elsewhere, like with food. That will help me going into a tournament year, with my body and my recovery.”

“I was always eating well, never badly. But I have a guy come round and he explained what you could do, eating the right food at the right times. You could eat healthily all week and then carbs [carbohydrates] before a game, and that could make your body go into shock because you’re not used to it. So, maybe higher carbs sometimes, lower other times, making plans around training. I started doing that on Jan 1, a New Year resolution. I met the guy in December. I spoke to him and it blew me away a bit. I’d never looked too much into it, but when he explained what the body does and how he could help me recover… He helped me in the recovery from the [ankle ligament] injury, with certain foods I was eating. It opened my eyes a bit.” the Tottenham striker admitted.

“He’s there every day, Monday to Saturday, and leaves it in the fridge for Sunday. I hardly ever see him because I’m at training, but he’ll cook the food and leave it in the fridge. We’ve got a good plan going and it seems to be working.”

“When you’re playing Saturday, Wednesday, Saturday, there’s not a lot of time to train, so it’s about making those little gains in other ways: ice baths, stretching, nutrition… that keeps you as fresh as you can be. It’s a big part of football nowadays. Other players are doing the same thing. My career has gone so quick already, I want to make the most of it.”

Kane will captain the Three Lions in Thursday night’s World Cup qualifier at Wembley against Slovenia. Victory for Gareth Southgate’s side will confirm qualification for next summer’s finals in Russia with a game to spare.