Psychic Cat That Predicted Argentina-Nigeria World Cup Game Correctly Is Dead

The Psychic cat that predicted the World Cup game between Argentina and Nigeria correctly is dead.

The cat picked Argentina over Nigeria just before the Russia 2018 World Cup Group D clash played at the Saint Petersburg Stadium in St. Petersburg on June 26.

The cat Baidian’er became an internet sensation after he got his predictions right on six successive occasions, including Croatia beating Argentina and Argentina’s late win over Nigeria.

He makes his “predictions” by opting for one of two bowls of cat food bearing the national flags of competing teams.

The death of the Psychic cat was confirmed by China today and that he died at a local veterinary clinic.

It was also revealed that the cause of death was due to blood clots resulting from a congenital heart defect.

Palace Museum officials found the cat sick on Friday and took him to the clinic before they set up a microblog account on Weibo to keep fans updated on his health status.

The Museum workers later broke the news of the death of Baidian’er on Monday via a post which read: “We’re sorry, we have to let him go,”

The post was made alongside a black-and-white photo of the moggie.