Premier League At 25: Greatest Moments and Individuals

Regarded by most as Europe’s most competitive and surely, most lucrative domestic league, the English Premier League is heading into its 26th season and there has been nothing short of change, excitement, drama, brilliance, and excellence.

Since it’s first installment in the 1992-1993 season, there have been great footballing moments, big revenues and definitely unprecedented achievements epitomized by the Arsenal ‘Invisibles’ in 2003-2004 and Leicester City’s fairytale run from escaping relegation to winning the league in 12 months.

To celebrate the first 25 years of the premier league, I am picking my greatest moments of the last quarter-century in the English top flight.



25 years of football in a top flight league like the Premier League is sure to have produced so many great goals that it becomes very difficult to narrow down options to pick which can be called ‘best’.

Dennis Bergkamp’s exquisite goal for Arsenal against Newcastle in 2002 easily comes to mind. Southampton Legend, Matt Le Tissier might have scored 47 penalties out of his 139 Premier League goals, he sure had one for beauties in 1994 against Blackburn Rovers from 35 yards.

Kanu Nwankwo scored a fantastic curler against Chelsea as one of a hat-trick of goals in 1999 and most recently, Gareth Bale scored a screamer in 2013 against West Ham in stoppage time but for me, the best goal had to be one that signalled the entrance of a new name in the order of super powers in the Premier league.

That goal was scored by Sergio Aguero against QPR in 2012. The goal, coming in the last seconds of the League, was dramatic and it won City the Premier League by denying Manchester United. Coupled with the look on Gary Neville’s face and the commentary from Martin Tyler, Aguero’s goal cuts it for me.



Closing your eyes reminiscing about the time a certain French striker used to play in the Premier League for Arsenal, you could easily play videos of how he would glide down the left flank, cut in-field and send the ball curling into the far corner with so much ease.

Thierry Henry defined an era for one of England’s notable clubs with his goals and assists. He came to the Premier league, won titles, scored loads of goals and was the best player in the only team to have gone a whole Premier League season without losing a game.

There have not been shortage of quality players in the league – Frank Lampard, Alan Shearer, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Dennis Bergkamp, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Petr Cech and John Terry all come to mind quickly – but the sheer amount of quality and effectiveness that Thierry Henry brought to Arsenal in the Premier League is unrivalled.

I think that Alan Shearer comes very close but with an unrivaled goal to game ratio of 0.67, Thierry Henry is definitely the best player to have graced the Premier League.



There’s only one candidate here. Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in the 25-year history of the premier league, winning the title a record 13 times.

There is not too much to say about him. The Scottish manager oversaw the most dominant team in Premier League history winning the league at least every other season until 2006. He consistently groomed great players and overhauled title winning squads with effortless ease.

He is the first manager to win the Premier League title. He is also the first manager to win the Premier league manager of the month in August 1993. Notable mentions are Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho but Sir Alex Ferguson is miles ahead of both.



Sergio Aguero scoring that dramatic goal at QPR to win the league right at the death is surely something Premier League fans will not forget in a long time, that though, is not my most memorable moment. Leicester winning the league in 2016 is.

The Foxes, haven just been in the League One seven years earlier, won the Premier League on the back of a season in which they had just scraped through avoiding relegation. The likes of Jamie Vardy, N’golo Kante, and Riyad Mahrez kept churning out unbelievable performances all season and it was unbelievable to see a team bookmakers had placed at 500/1 to win the league, actually win the league.

Considering the stature and wealth of the big clubs in England, Leicester City’s remarkable achievement is the most memorable premier league moment.


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