Over 6 Million Naira Prize Money Up For Grabs In Mindgames Premier League Finale

MGI Scrabble Premier League busybuddiesng

The climax of this season’s Mindgames Scrabble Premier League begins this coming weekend in Lagos with all 22 clubs in Division A and B playing for top places in the glamourous competition.

The tournament which is divided into divisions A and B will feature 12 teams, including Airpop Alpha, Blazers, Brainiacs, Bulldozers, Gracious Pickers, Hurricanes as well as Lekki Bombers, Lusty Seniors, Olowoyeye Predators, Phoenix, Supreme and Lekena Drones.

The 10 teams in Division B are Airpop Falcons, Anagrammers, Aries, Brain Teasers, D. Warriors, Encore Flamingos, FPC Titans, High Flyers, Indomitable and Merry-ers.

Blazers won the inaugural championship in 2019.

Most of the foreign-based players have already arrived while others are expected shortly for the two-day grand tournament which runs from 17-18 September.

Over six million naira in cash prizes and awards will be won by successful teams and individuals.

Scrabble enthusiasts have praised organisers, MGI, for putting the second edition of the league back on track after it was delayed by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.