Onigbinde Calls For Trained Technical Analysts in Nigerian Football (AUDIO)

Former Super Eagles coach Adegboye Onigbinde has called on Nigerian football authorities to train technical analysts whose responsibility it will be to study and analyze football games in the various leagues across the country.

The former FIFA and CAF instructor believes the presence of trained technical analysts will facilitate the discovery of talents and development of football generally in Nigeria.

In an interview with Dreamland Academy WhatsApp Group, the former Trinidad and Tobago coach noted that there is no trained technical analyst in Nigeria.

“One very important aspect of our developmental programme is the training of technical analysts who will be assigned to all our matches, right from the grassroots, to analyze our matches, and then, identify the talents,” the 82-year-old who led Nigeria to the 2002 World Cup said.

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“Then, eventually, these talents could be approached by clubs and national association for employment.

“But we don’t have this. I don’t think we have a single trained technical analyst in this country. We have coaches, quite alright, it’s a different thing entirely.”

Onigbinde, who guided Nigeria to the final of the 1984 Africa Cup Nations where the then Green eagles lost to Cameroon, added: “These analysts, if they are properly trained, would be able to identify the problems in our football.

“Is it problems of psychology, is it problems of physiology, is it problem of technique, is it problem of tactics and so on and so forth? All these will be included in their report.

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“And then the technical department would be able to come together, analyze all these; collate them and come out with a programme that will improve on all these shortcomings.

“Once the shortcomings are handled, there is no reason why players will not do well, why clubs will not do well if you have high standard of performance.”