On A Revenge Mission! Lazio Fans Vent Their Frustrations On ‘Controversial’ Referee Giacomelli’s Café

Lazio fans have attempted to take their revenge on referee Piero Giacomelli’s café on TripAdvisor.

Giacomelli stoked the anger of the Biancocelesti after he sent off Ciro Immobile in Monday’s 2-1 defeat to Torino and also ignored a hand ball by opposition winger Iago Falque.

After the game, the club’s sporting director Igli Tare described the Giacomelli’s performance as “a huge scandal, in fact more than a scandal”, while club spokesman Arturo Diaconale implied that officials are actively seeking to harm the club.

Until recently, the referee ran a café in Trieste known as Café Rossetti but that didn’t stop Lazio fans from taking out their frustration on the café via TripAdvisor.

Some of the new one-star reviews include statements like “a nightmare” and “stay far away from this café”.

One reviewer also penned an extended metaphor about the game, titled “how to ruin an evening with incompetence”.

Café Rossetti is seen as “an apparently nice restaurant which turned out to be a disappointment” where the reviewer was hoping to “eat well and enjoy a peaceful evening”.

Instead, the user writes, “the chef decided to send out a meal which indecorous and difficult to choke down… Despite the numerous complaints from me and my friends, who were dissatisfied with that incomprehensible dish, the chef decided to send us away in the middle of the evening while still making us pay a large bill”.

The review ends with the assertion “it would have been a nice evening but everything was spoiled by a person unfit to do this job.”