NOC: Olympic Day Celebration Gets June Date

Preparation is in top gear to smoothly host the 2019 edition of the Olympic Day celebration across the nation.

The day which is being organized by the Nigeria Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Nigeria Sport For All Commission is an annual event that takes place all over the world and it gives the populace the ability to experience some of the magic of the Olympic Games in their own communities.

Also, the event is a platform that allows people to learn about Olympic values and to put them into practice in their everyday life. All participating states are expected to feature in jogging, aerobics, cultural displays and demonstration of other sports to commemorate the event because engaging in physical exercises promotes a healthy and mutual living. 

Anthony Oyetayo, Chairman, NOC Sport For All Commission charged that the campaign for healthy living and physical exercise should be taken to all the parts of this country.

He stated that in order to maintain a cordial relationship with the fitness clubs operating in Nigeria, a proposal is in the front burner to organize Aerobic and Fitness seminar for instructors in Nigeria very soon.

Furthermore, he said that under the auspices of the Association for International Sport For All (TASIFA), the Sport For All Commission will take part in TASIFA World Games scheduled to take place in Portugal next year. The event will be a vibrant and entertaining experience, offering a unique opportunity to discover the varieties and values of Sport For All including traditional games and popular sports of cultures from around the world, Oyetayo concluded. 

The Olympic Day celebration is slated for June 29th, 2019.