Nissan Renew UCL Sponsorship; Shifts Attention From Awareness To Engagement

ROLLE, Switzerland (August 27, 2015) Ð Following a successful first year as the Official Automotive Sponsor for the UEFA Champions League, Nissan's partnership has been extended into all global territories for the next three seasons up to 2017/18.

Car giants Nissan have renewed their UEFA Champions League (UCL) sponsorship deal for another three years following the huge successes recorded by the brand in terms of visibility and that has prompted sales.

Nissan replaced another car brand Ford in 2014 and has since improved its brand strength and sales as a result thus making the company the 43rd most powerful brand in the world as per the reports from Interbrand.

The report claimed Nissan’s value to be around $11bn in 2016, which represents a 22% increase to make it one of the top growers.

Nissan’s UK sales from the start of the 2014 till the end of August were just over 84,000 for a 5.5% share of the market and that has increased to 6.01% after sales jumped to 98,600 during the same period.

In a chat with Marketing Week, Jean-Pierre Diemaz, Nissan’s vice-president of marketing for Europe, said that UCL is at the “centre” of Nissan’s “roadmap” to improve the brand adding that the car brand has started reaping the benefits following three years of sponsorship.

In his words, he said: “We are gaining share and gaining performance everywhere in the world and we are increasing our growth by increasing the visibility of the brand,” he explains. “We see the benefit of exposing out brand into an exciting territory – football – and that is why we want to continue.”

For this year’s campaign, Nissan will use its newer brand ambassadors including Sergio Aguero and Gareth Bale. According to Diemaz, Bale and Aguero bring their own personalities plus fresh content as well as new ways of getting to the fans.