Nigeria’s Badminton Coach, Maria Omonehin Seeks Support For Bone Surgery

Nigeria and Lagos State Badminton coach, Omonehin Maria needs your support for her ongoing bone grafting surgery.
Surgery Background:

In 2018, Coach Maria survived an auto crash that kill a number of people in the bus after she was returning to Lagos from a national engagement in Abuja. The consequence of that auto crash for her was a broken leg with a big injury. She went through surgery and was on a wheelchair for a year as she had to learn how to walk on both feet again.
Coach Maria’s Progress:

At the middle of 2020, coach Maria was back on her feet and fully and actively back coaching national and state players again.

Coach Maria’s Relapse:
In late 2022, she suffered a relapse in her full recovery as she started noticing a spreading open wound on the operated leg. This wound kept increasing and later infected her bone.

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