Nigeria Rugby Football Federation Reinstated Into World Rugby Union

World Rugby has lifted Nigeria Rugby Football Federation’s suspension when it was reinstated earlier in the year by Rugby Africa once the regional association was satisfied by the newly adopted governance process and constitution in Nigeria.

In reaction to the announcement, NRFF’s President Kelechukwu Mbagwu said: “We are extremely happy and grateful to be back within the rugby family, I am particularly fulfilled that our hard work and preparations were not in vain. A big thank you to Rugby Afrique for their support and belief in us.”

Rugby Africa’s President and World Rugby Council member, Abdelaziz Bougja, was present in Dublin and instrumental in all three decisions made in connection with Africa.

He reports: “It was indeed a big day for Africa on the international stage and I am really happy with the outcomes. We are strengthening our presence in the global rugby family and no one can deny that Africa is making great strides.

“I wish all the best to Burkina Faso and Nigeria Rugby Football Federation; they are excellent examples of what can be achieved when the leadership is right and set to work to grow the Game from grassroots levels all the way to national teams.

“I am really proud of their success and the positive image they are conveying of rugby in their respective countries.”

Nigeria’s reinstatement gives it the opportunity to compete in tournaments that are recognized by the World Rugby Union.