Nigeria Offered International Rugby Event Hosting Rights

The Board of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) has announced that Nigeria has been offered hosting rights to any competition of their choice in the 2019 Rugby Afrique calendar.

Should the country take up the offer, it would mark the first time an international rugby event would be hosted in the country since 2009 according to technical director of the NRFF Ntiese Williams who spoke to journalists after a meeting of the Kelechi Mbagwu led board of the NRFF on Saturday.

Mr Williams also revealed that Nigeria has also been recommended for a promotion to the 2019 Africa Silver Cup by the Rugby Afrique Competition Committee. The recommendation though would have to be ratified by the governing body of rugby, World Rugby, when it meets on 10 November. Prior to the elevation, Nigeria had previously competed in the Africa Rugby Bronze Cup for the last eight years.