Nigeria Chess Federation Seek Inclusion in School Curriculum

The Technical Director of the Nigeria Chess Federation (NCF), Mr Bode Durotoye, has appealed to school authorities to include the game in their school curriculum to promote it at the grassroots.

In an interview on Wednesday in Abuja, Mr Durotoye said, “We want the game to begin from schools, both private and public to be part of school curriculum because it is a game of the intellectuals.

“The game has to do with an empire or kingdom as such the players think of how not to allow enemies take over their kingdom.

“The game is open to all categories of age; children, cadets youths even old people of 70 years old and above. It is played by all sex.”

He said that although the game was popular in Lagos and some parts of the country, the Federation’s target was to make it popular across the country.

“Our target is that the game should be well known and be popular throughout the federation. We need media to help propagate the game.”