NFF Release Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Programme

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) have released Super Eagles’ itinerary ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The itinerary was disclosed by the NFF during the signing ceremony to announce the new partnership between the football body and soft drinks giant Coca-Cola.

According to the NFF, the Super Eagles World Cup kit would be unveiled in London on February 7.

The team will face hosts Poland in an international friendly on March 23 before facing Serbia in London on March 27.

The NFF also revealed that the team will camp in Abuja/Uyo and that the team will be able to play one final friendly (DR Congo on May 25) in Nigeria before jetting out the country with Uyo a potential match venue.

According to the programme unveiled, The Super Eagles will travel via ‘Luxury Charter’ chartered flight to London on May 29 & 30

Speaking about Super Eagles’ World Cup plans, head coach Rohr said: “The plan is to play on a good pitch. I didn’t see a good pitch in Lagos. The Governor said they are working on it.”

“We will like the team to leave from Nigeria. They’ve had a long season. They need to see their family. For Nigerians to bless them” he added.

When asked about Players’ fitness, the Franco-German coach said: “Players must be fit already for the WC. They must train…I have good relationship with coaches of my player. I spoke to Arsene Wenger on Alex Iwobi. They are helping us and helping themselves.”

“We have about 3 players per position.” he concluded.

Nigeria will face England at the Wembley Stadium on June 2 before the team storm Austria on June 3 for camping where facilities are of top quality.

While in Austria, the Super Eagles will face Czech Republic in another high profile friendly on June 6.