Neymar’s Criticism; PSG Midfielder Marquinhos Speaks

Marcos Aoás Corrêa, commonly known as Marquinhos has spoken out in defense of criticism faced by his team-mate, Neymar.

The PSG Midfielder dismissed concerns over Neymar’s temperament insisting it’s impossible for the forward to please everyone.

Neymar has been on the headline since his high-profile switch from Barcelona to the French capital.

“For everything Neymar has been doing on the pitch, whoever thinks he’s not [performing as expected] must be watching another game. He’s a different player, a star, someone who instantly becomes a target for other players, for the press and fans,” said Marquinhos.

“Just like all the other great players, [opinion] will never be unanimous. There will always be those who do not like him, and others who admire him. It’s important is to have character…Neymar has a good head on his shoulders and this is very important for Brazil and we are all trying to help with his adaptation in Paris. “I believe he has already adapted to the city and the club. He came to get titles and he is a big player. You can’t please everyone in life, which is especially true for great stars.”