Neymar To PSG: Pros And Cons

On the back of the last three (3) fantastic seasons in one of the biggest football clubs in the world and the seemingly unbreakable bond that arguably the world’s most feared and effective forward triumvirate created, it would have been an unfathomable idea to think that the youngest of the trio would be open to a transfer up north to a somewhat lower league. But Neymar has decided to move up to France and play for Paris Saint-Germain in the Ligue 1 and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Considering the humongous amount of money involved in the record breaking transfer and all the narratives being bandied around about Neymar wanting a new challenge that would effectively make him the leader of a team, we should lool at the possible upsides and downsides that may arise from this transfer.

Firstly is the amount of money involved in the transfer. Besides the €222m used to buy out Neymar’s contract with Barcelona, he and his father-agent will be pocketing close to €100m on sign-on and agent fees leading to obvious concerns about the ripple effect of such amount of money being spent on a player. Unfortunately for Barcelona, they might be one of the first to suffer from the new wave of prices because they will most surely be looking for a replacement. Like Jose Mourinho said after Manchester United’s game against Sampdoria in Dublin on Wednesday night, “you are going to have more players of £100 million and £80 million and £60 million,” adding “I don’t think the problem is Neymar; it’s the consequences.” With clubs haven spent in the regions of £50m upwards comfortably since last summer, It is almost a certainty that the transfer market would be highly inflated due to this tranfer.

For PSG, there are very few risks involved for them. They have signed a world class player who has scored more goals at 25 for his national team than Bebeto, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. He comes with big game pedigree, obvious talent and loads of entertainment, but very importantly he also come with the kind of Lavish star attitude that fits the City of Light. PSG lost Zlatan Ibrahimovic last summer but Neymar is considerably bigger and younger than the big swede.

For the Ligue 1, this transfer improves the league from a marketing point of view. Neymar’s presence will surely increase interest and viewership of the Ligue 1. Neymar in PSG proves that the Ligue 1 has enough attraction for a player of his ilk and just like the wave that followed David Beckham’s move to the MLS in 2007, the French league should be expecting more big players to want to move to either play with or against Neymar in France.

For Neymar, it’s a big chance to lead a big club like PSG. He’s definitely going to be the go to man right there in Paris and judging from his performances in Barcelona, it looks like he’s up to the task. Also at a reported £550,000 a week after tax, sign-on fee of £40m and agent’s fee of about £35m, it surely is a positive move economically for the player and his management

Finally its Barcelona who are the biggest losers. Neymar to PSG is more than a guaranteed average of 30+ goals and assists combined thats been lost. This transfer puts Ernesto Valverde on his foot because his job might have just been a little bit more difficult with an ageing Barcelona squad that has all but relied on the MSN in recent years. Another negative for Barcelona is that now they have just two weeks until they have to pay what we all should expect to be top dollar for a probable capable replacement.

All in all, I think that there are alot of positives for the player and football in France generally. How well Barcelona are able to recover from this is left to be seen.