NBBF Crisis: FIBA Backs Musa Kida-led Board Again

The Federation of International Basketball Associations (FIBA) has thrown its weight behind the Musa Kida-led board again in the ongoing supremacy fight rocking the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) and that it is the only body it has empowered to “organise all aspects of Nigerian basketball’s international representation”.

Nigerian basketball was plunged into leadership crisis in June after separate presidential elections were held in Kano on June 12 and Abuja on June 13 thus leading to the emergence of Tijani Umar and Musa Kida respectively.

The crisis prompted FIBA to nullify both elections while ordering a fresh one on the grounds that they did not meet its statutes as conveyed in a letter dated March 15 and signed by its Secretary-General Patrick Baumann.

FIBA also disclosed that it would maintain its communication with the Musa Kida-led faction and that it “shall not be understood as a recognition by FIBA of the management elected on June 13”.

The aforementioned letter from FIBA didn’t, however, stop the Tijani Umar-led faction from laying claim to the control of the sport in the country thus prompting another letter from world basketball’s governing body.

In its latest letter addressed to Musa Kida and dated May 28, 2018, FIBA reiterated the earlier stance and that it only recognises the Musa Kida-led faction.

The letter signed by Baumann read in part: “As indicated in FIBA’s letter of 26 July, 2017, FIBA will continue to communicate solely with Mr. Kida and the Board elected on 13 June, 2017 as representatives of the NBBF and as the management recognised by the Nigeria Olympic Committee.”

“Consequently, until such time as there are new elections, Mr Kida and his Board shall organise all aspects (including sporting and commercial) of Nigerian Basketball’s international representation.” the letter stated further.

Kida while reacting to the latest development said: “The letter has gone to show that we are in charge of everything regarding basketball administration and management in Nigeria. Their position is very clear this time around.

“It is now clear that anybody or group of people organising any competition is doing so in their personal capacity and not under the NBBF umbrella since we are the only body recognised by FIBA to present or nominate teams (clubs and national teams) for any international competition.” he concluded.