Nationwide League Gets March 29 Kickoff Date

The new Nationwide League season for both Division One and Division Two will start on March 29, 2018.

This was disclosed by the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Nationwide League One (NLO), Shola Ogunnowo.

He also revealed that the registration for the new season has already and that the board has directed that all NLO clubs must register a minimum of fifteen (15) players that are within the age of nineteen (19) category.

In his words, Shola Ogunnowo said: “In the last season we limited the number to 10 Under 19 players , but this season, the board directed that minimum of 15 Under 19 players should be registered by the clubs before the commencement of the league.

According him, NLO is determined to make sure that the league will continue to be the cradle where players are nurtured and developed into greatness and having at least 15 Under 19 players in every club in the league will help to develop these players.

In his words, he further said that: “The league secretariat will ensure that the clubs present the birth certificates of these players, primary school certificates and any other genuine documents that will show the record that they have minimum of 15 U19 players that will be registered by the club in the new season.”

“We’ll ascertain if the clubs are complying with D directives from the board to know D actual age of these players. Although, it may be a bit difficult to ascertain their age but adminstratively, we should be able to control D level of lies that might be presented by these clubs.” he concluded.