National Stadium In Lagos Shut Down

The National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos has been shut down and all activities brought to a halt with the national edifice being primed to host the All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential campaign in the state.

Although the Presidential campaign is expected to be held on Monday 11 February, the stadium will remain closed throughout this week with no one allowed to gain access until after the President’s visit.

The normally bustling stadium was completely deserted with no signs of business or sporting activity as visitors and athletes alike were prevented from gaining access by officers of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) who cordoned off the entrances. The policemen told that that they had been directed by “an order from above” to shut the stadium in anticipation of the visit of President Mohammadu Buhari and the APC Presidential Campaign Train.

The state owned Teslim Balogun Stadium is also being worked on and has also been put under lock and key for the same reasons.