Mourinho Walks To Stadium Unrecognized For Champions League Clash

Although they had been fined £13,202 for arriving late to their Champions League match against Valencia just last week, Manchester United arrived late for another Champions League match making it two games in a row despite staying at a hotel about 228 meters away from Old Trafford on Monday night.

The team bus pulled into the ground less than an hour before the 8 pm kick-off at about 7.09 pm, although Jose Mourinho had arrived earlier after walking a few meters from the cricket ground not far from the stadium.

Mourinho was furious because traffic congestion delayed their arrival time, and later told BT Sport before kick-off: ‘You know we change the hotel, the hotel is around the corner.

‘The players are in the bus for 45 minutes but I walked in the middle of the fans, nobody recognised me.