Monaco Threaten “Important European Clubs” Over Mbappe

Ligue 1 champions, AS Monaco, have released a statement condemning the actions of top European clubs that are after superstar youngster Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe was a revelation for Monaco last season as they won the French league title and reached the Champions League semi-final, and is being coveted by the likes of Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Juventus.

In their statement, Monaco didn’t mention any club, but only disclosed that they were “important European football clubs”.

The statement read: “AS Monaco regretfully notice that important European football clubs made contacts with Kylian Mbappé (and his entourage) without its authorization.”

“AS Monaco want to remind these clubs that such actions are contrary to the article 211 of the Administrative regulation of the French Football League (Ligue de Football Professionnel) and to the article 18.3 of the Regulation of the Status and the Transfer of the Players of FIFA.”

The French side also threatened to ask the French Football League (Ligue de Football Professionnel) and FIFA to take disciplinary actions against the offending clubs.