Mega Millions Naija Deploys Technology To Secure Winners’ Claims

Mega Millions Naija Lotteries is deploying more technology and meticulous record keeping to protect winners’ claim, the company said in a statement.

The moves are additional measures to safe-guard wins in case players lose their tickets.

“Our commitment to deploying technology to protect players from losing their winnings to store clerks, agents, or other forms of theft is second to none,”said Mega Millions Naija Managing Director Okwy Okeke. “We are doing more to sustain the security of our platform.”

According to a statement from the company, if players in Nigeria lose their physical ticket, they can rely on the platform’s secure record-keeping system, which retains a digital copy of all tickets purchased.

“These features eliminate the possibility of losing out on winnings due to misplaced or stolen tickets, as players can readily access their records and pursue their claims accordingly. This is complemented by electronic transmission

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