MCM: Roger Federer and Rafael – Rivals, Friends, Legends

The Miami Masters in 2004 birthed a rivalry regarded as the greatest in tennis history – The Federer-Nadal (Fedal) rivalry. It was the beginning of a pairing tennis fans always looked forward to seeing, the beginning of a rivalry very significant in the careers of both players. Since then, the world has experienced exhilarating, thrilling, nerve-wracking clashes between these two players. A contest which has never been predictable.

Over the years, these men have formed a rivalry and also a friendship which no one might have seen coming years ago. They are often heard praising each other, showing a very admirable respect for each other. They are even seen talking and laughing before and after playing against each other.

13 years later, with 35 Grand Slams and 167 career titles between them, the Laver Cup gave the tennis world the opportunity to witness two absolute legends of the game play together as doubles partners for the first time. Seeing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the same side is what dreams are made of for any tennis fan. Winning together, celebrating together, obviously excited to be playing together; Fedal just took a new turn.

Both players have had their highs and lows, they have both had very sad injury phases when the world thought an era was ending. However, they have bounced back to the top when the world least expected it. After winning two Grand Slam titles apiece in 2017, they are the two top ranked players in the world. Aging, in a competitive tennis world, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal prove that they are truly two of the best players in history.

Today, we crush on these two phenomenal men and look forward to seeing what the future holds for Fedal.