Mayweather v McGregor: Fight Will End Early And “Won’t Go The Distance”, Says Mayweather

America’s Floyd Mayweather has predicted that “The Money Fight” between him and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas “won’t go the distance”.

Undefeated Mayweather, who has not boxed since he retired in 2015, will battle 29-year-old mixed martial arts fighter cum boxer, Conor McGregor, in Las Vegas on the 26 of August.

Mayweather told reporters: “He’s looking forward to ending the fight early, I’m looking forward to ending the fight early – it won’t go the distance,”

The Ultimate Fighting Championship two-weight world champion, McGregor, will be making his boxing debut against Mayweather, as the Irishman has never boxed professionally.

“It’s not really watching fight tapes, it’s about knowing the person you’re facing across the ring from you,” added Mayweather.”

“You want to know what they like to eat, what they’re doing when they’re not in camp.” Mayweather added.