Mark Clattenburg Undergoes Transplant Surgery To Cover Bald Head (Photos)

Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg is in the news again after he underwent transplant surgery to cover his bald head.

Clattenburg, who has taken charge of both the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the World Cup final, is no stranger to the limelight after his tattoos previously attracted a lot of attention.

He became uncomfortable with his bald head and had to turn to the Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) Clinic in Manchester.

Clattenburg, 42, while speaking about how his bald head made him feel told MHR Clinic specialists that: “I was refereeing in the Premier League and I was embarrassed watching myself back on TV as my hair was receding.”

“I’d been trying to brush it over to hide some of the bald patches. I was frustrated that I was so young and losing my hair.

“It wasn’t unexpected because severe hair loss is normal in my family. I was expecting it to happen but I wanted to have a head of hair.” he concluded.

Mark Clattenburg who presently heads up refereeing for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation had hair removed from the back and sides of his head before the hair was grafted onto his crown.

On the new status of his hair, Clattenburg said: “The confidence I have now, walking around with a full head of hair from what it was like, is phenomenal.”

“I probably take longer to get ready, which frustrates my wife, but now I can style it and gel it and do things with it that I’ve never been able to do in the past.” he added.

The MHR clinic is partly owned by sports legends Ryan Giggs OBE and Michael Vaughan OBE and it regularly treats high profile celebrities with a range of surgeries or medications.