Manchester United Management Set to Fine Players

Manchester United players were expected to turn up to a session for commercial partners on Friday and some decided not to attend in protest against the transport problems they have had recently.

The team arrived late for their game with Juventus on Tuesday night. United also turned up late to the match against Valencia earlier this month.

The group of mutineers are set to be fined after club officials took felt insulted by their refusal to attend a sponsorship event.

It was revealed that a number of the first-team players failed to turn up at a session for the club’s commercial partners on Friday.

The players involved told staff that their decision to do so was in protest at the transport issues the team has faced which has thrown preparations for the club’s last two Champions League fixtures at Old Trafford into chaos.

United were fined after their bus got stuck in traffic and forced the kick-off for their clash with Valencia on October 2 to be delayed.

Despite moving their pre-match meeting point from a city-center hotel to one just about 800 meters away from the ground, there was further disruption before Tuesday night’s match with Juventus, which saw Jose Mourinho get off the bus and walk to the ground.

The players’ refusal to attend is understood to have cost a number of sponsors thousands of pounds. United have a wide range of commercial partners across the globe and it is understood some had flown in for the event.

The club’s top brass are understood to have been angered by the players’ actions and are set to hand them fines.

Club officials are looking into what they can do to prevent future problems but, other than having the players go through their pre-match preparations at the stadium, there seem to be limited options.

The refusal is seen as a one-off aimed at making a point. However, United have not released any statement.