LIV Golf Star Phil Mickelson Has Spoken About His Betting Addiction And Urged Soccer Fans Not To Make His Mistakes

Phil Mickelson is a longtime gambler. He went through a difficult period in his life when he was addicted to betting on sports. The professional American golfer from LIV Golf shared his experience and urged readers to be vigilant, especially during the soccer season.

Many fans are into betting on sports matchups. Some do them at bookmakers or on mobile apps like MostbetApp. According to Mickelson, if you budget responsibly, betting is a good way to distract yourself. But it’s important to always keep safety in mind.

Mickelson admits that he used to be very addicted to betting. He had a lot of fun until he realized that he had crossed the line of reasonableness and how destructive that path was.

He admits that he never had difficulty with money. But because of his addiction, he paid too little attention to family members, hurt them, and can’t forgive himself

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