Like Hakimi, Adesanya Tells Ex-Girlfriend She Can’t Get A Dime From His Properties

UFC middleweight Champion, Israel Adesanya, has insisted his ex-girlfriend won’t get a dime from his properties despite taking him to court for divorce.


The 33-year-old Nigerian-born fighter recently broke up with ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell, who has now taken him to court.


Powdrell claimed that her relationship with Adesanya was long enough to warrant her access to a portion of his assets.


But Adesanya has now revealed that his assets are secured.


“Very relatable… Imagine being so fu*ken entitled that you think you deserve what a man has worked his whole life for,” Adesanya said in an Instagram story (as quoted by Essentially Sports).


“When you came into his life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my assets are protected. I woulda taken half her sh*t too but I don’t want half of NOTHING.”

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