Lennox Lewis Predicts “Exciting and Explosive” Wilder and Fury Bout

Heavyweight boxing legend Lennox Lewis has tipped “Deontay Wilder to win if it ends early, and Tyson Fury if it goes the distance.” ahead of the much anticipated heavyweight clash between the two on December 1st.

Lennox Lewis couldn’t come any closer to predicting the outcome of Saturday night’s clash of the giants.

“If Fury can frustrate Wilder the way he did Wladimir Klitschko he can get the decision even in America,” says the Londoner before further explaining how he expects the bout to shape up

“If Deontay catches Tyson anywhere to the head with that huge raw power it will change the course of the fight at any given moment.”

“It should be exciting and explosive because styles make fights. So it’s a question of which style wins? Neither of them has faced an opponent like the other before.”

“Wilder hasn’t been in with anyone as mobile as Fury, so can he catch him? Tyson won’t find it as easy to avoid Deontay as he did Wladimir because this guy can move and throw. And as I say Wilder doesn’t have to punch you on the chin or temple to knock you out.”

“When he hits anyone in the world anywhere on the head down they go, concussed. How will Fury react? He’s proved he’s a survivor in the past but will he be able to get up again from something this heavy?

“On the other hand, how will Deontay deal with Tyson taking the Mickey in the very serious business of heavyweight boxing? With Fury, it’s catch me if you can. It’s now you see my face, now you can’t hit it. Wilder could get too frustrated. It’s impossible to know the outcome.”

Either way, Lewis anticipates a thriller. He says: “We’ve never seen such huge men in the same ring who are such agile athletes as these two. Their movement is incredible. It’s all a recipe for a great fight. And with Tyson making one of the great comebacks, after all, he’s been through it’s a part of heavyweight history.”

So who would he prefer to emerge victorious?

“It doesn’t matter to me. Win or lose they’re both winners because when you reach this stage you can only gain as a fighter by boxing the other top men.”

When asked what the winner of this bout stands to gain, Lennox responded: ”In the sense of what they gain from this fight, whoever does win will be ahead of the heavyweight game.”

Lennox Lewis is the most recent undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, a feat he achieved in the year 2000.