LeBron James Reveals His Secret Diet Routine

LeBron James continues to defy logic being at the peak of his powers at the age of 33 and there are no signs that will change any time soon.

In a recent interview, he recalled advice he was given by a friend when he was just 13 years old: work hard, play hard and stretch.

James firmly believes this is one of the main reasons he is still able to keep his body in the best physical condition.

Another reason, however, is how rigidly he sticks to his in-season diet. The Lakers star is a firm believer that if he puts the very best into his body, it will allow him to get the best out.

“I’ve been very consistent throughout this process,” LeBron said on The Time Ferris Show. “I’ve been very clean because I’ve always wanted to have a long career.

“We haven’t had artificial drinks, sugars and fried foods. We stay away from fried food during the season.

“We want to keep it as natural sugars and foods as much as possible.”

So, on any given gameday, then, what does a four-time MVP eat to fuel his 6ft 8ins, 114 kg frame?

“For breakfast, I had an egg white omelette with smoked salmon and gluten-free pancakes with berries,” he added.

“For lunch, I had whole wheat pasta, salmon and vegetables and right before the (Orlando Magic) game I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“At half time I had sliced apples with almond butter on top. Right after the game Mike [Mancias, James’s trainer] gave me a protein shake, I downed that right after the game.

“Then, for dinner, I had chicken parm with a rocket salad and a wonderful glass of Cabernet.”

The small forward has certainly developed a penchant for red wine over the years — he joked that he considers himself something of a sommelier — and gave an insight into some of his favourites.

“I’m a huge Bordeaux fan,” James said. “There are some Cab’s I love as well. We get to the higher level as well like Screaming Eagle, Quintarelli, Rothschild, Latour, there’s so many different wines I love.

“We would be sitting here all day if I give you a list of my full cellar back home.”

It’s fitting, then, that James’s career appears to be ageing just like one of those fine wines of which he speaks so fondly.