LaLiga Hits Milestone For Nigerian Fans on Facebook

Spanish football league, LaLiga, has reached over a million Nigerian fans on its Facebook account. This feat goes to show LaLiga is one of the most supported league in Nigeria as fans not only watch the matches but also interact and engage on social media to show support.

The LaLiga Facebook page gives fans access to official content about Nigerian players in LaLiga, also highlighting LaLiga’s initiatives in Nigeria towards the development of grassroots football, behind the scenes footage, as well as stats-rich highlights of matches, classic moments in history and fast-paced videos celebrating the best league in the world. In order to resonate with Nigerians, the LaLiga social media page posts news in Pidgin English which reinforces Nigeria as an important territory for LaLiga. This shows the continuous growth of LaLiga’s fan base and engagement in Nigeria, reinforcing its position as the best league in the world.

Although the page only started posting geo-located content for Nigeria two years ago, it has shown a steady increase in followership from Nigerians.

Asides Facebook, LaLiga has also garnered the interest of Nigerians on its Twitter page. One of its most engaging posts hailed Samuel Chukwueze of Villareal ‘’show Barça pepper as him score beta goal on top ogbonge performance, Samu de ball’’, had over 3 thousand retweets and 8 thousand likes. This milestone is yet another example of LaLiga’s extraordinary social impact and their leadership both on the pitch and in the online world.

Managing Director, LaLiga Nigeria, Javier Del Río spoke about the achievement and said, “This is a refreshing milestone and we are glad to have over a million fans in Nigeria. With the rate of participation and engagement, it is clear that Nigeria is truly a football nation with millions of fans enjoying the best league in the world. As the most used social network in Nigeria, Facebook will continue to broaden LaLiga’s reach in the African market”.

With various initiatives including its partnership with the Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL) – to train U15, Nigerian Women Football League (NWFL) – to boost women’s football in Nigeria and Lagos Business School amongst others, LaLiga is reinforcing its commitment to developing football in Nigeria.

LaLiga also has a web page in English, an Instagram profile with more than 17,200,000 users, YouTube channel and other social networks. With such a large following, LaLiga continues to make extraordinary impact both on the pitch and through its digital presence.