LaLiga: Competition Committee Passes Judgement on Gareth Bale’s Gesture at Atletico

The Competition Committee of the Spanish LaLiga have decided not to ban Gareth Bale for his gesture after scoring Real Madrid’s third goal in the most recent Madrid derby at the Wanda Metropolitano which means he will be eligible to be selected by Santiago Solari in the next two games and the coming Clásico.

On 15 February, LaLiga reported the Welsh attacker to the Competition Committee in Spain for the gesture and asked them to look into the matter. At the time, it was suggested he could serve a ban of up to 12 games if he was found guilty of provoking the fans and unsporting behaviour.

LaLiga stated in the report that “such conduct is included in the actions prohibited and sanctioned by the aforementioned federal legal system” and that “it should be subject, where appropriate, to the imposition of penalties provided therein.” They have decided, however, to shelve the case and not punish the attacker.

LaLiga noted in their letter to the Competition Committee that the player “waved his right arm close to his head, possibly signifying an obscene or contemptuous meaning, raising his other arm and hitting the middle of it with his other hand.”

The gesture was similar to what’s known as a ‘bras d’honneur’ or an ‘Iberian slap’, which is an obscene gesture in Spain, but as several commentators noted at the time was badly executed if it actually was an attempt to perform the gesture.