Joshua: I Want To Retire Healthy, Not Sit In A Wheelchair At 50

Heavyweight Anthony Joshua has stated that one of his goals until retirement is to remain in good health.


The boxer is afraid of being in a wheelchair.

The British-Nigerian said in a recent interview that he is going to judge a part of his legacy with his health.

“People come into boxing in one state, and they can leave it in a completely different state due to injuries and stress that the body receives. I want health to be part of my sporting legacy when I retire. Imagine me in my 50s or 60s in a wheelchair. No”.

“I want to look fresh when I’m old and people say, ‘Look, he still looks good,’” Joshua said.

The boxer could hold his next fight in December against Deontay Wilder.

“In December potentially there is a big fight that should be cracking with me

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