John Ogu Settles 1000 Dollar Medical Bill For Nigerian Basketball Player

Super Eagles midfielder John Ogu has settled the bills for the operation of a Nigerian female basketball player reportedly diagnosed of spinal tuberculosis.

Bone tuberculosis is one of the top ten causes of deaths worldwide according to

Titans Basket, a Nigerian basketball news outfit in a bid to help the ill girl, took to Twitter on Friday to canvass for the sum of 350,000 naira (1000 US dollars) to cater for a cardiovascular surgery on the patient.

A few Nigerians in a bid to provide support reposted the tweet while some others gave varied suggestions while calling out to a few notable Nigerians to assist with the bills.

Suadi Arabia’s Al-Adalah midfielder Ogu stumbled on the viral tweet and swiftly transferred the needed sum.

Titans Basket are yet to publicly acknowledge receipt of payment.