Ivory Coast FA President Augustin Sidy Diallo Dies From Covid-19

Augustin Sidy Diallo, head of the Ivory Coast Football Federation (FIF) has died at the age of 61 from Covid-19 complications, Ivorian news media reported on Saturday.

His death was confirmed by one of his relatives to Ivorian media outlet, Afrique-sur7.fr.

Diallo reportedly passed away at a private Abidjan Hospital where he had been transferred from a government medical college hospital in Yamoussoukro.

He had been taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with Covid-19 thirteen days ago after he complained of uneasiness, reports say.

Ivory Coast media say the deterioration in Diallo’s health was sudden after he appeared not to be showing any worrying signs, and he was subsequently hospitalized for respiratory complications.

The FIF has advised everyone who have been in contact with Diallo to take the necessary precautions in case of any symptoms

Diallo was elected as President of Ivorian FA for the first time in September 2011 succeeding former FIFA and CAF Executive Committee member and current CAF presidential candidate Jacques Anouma, who ruled the body for a decade.

He was re-elected for a second term in February 2016 with 70 out of 76 clubs and 5 football interest groups supporting his reelection.

Diallo had already announced he would not be running for a third term with any expecting the federation’s current first vice-president Sory Diabate to contest for the presidency in next year’s elections.