Ilechukwu Criticises Players Despite Win Over Kwara United (AUDIO)

MFM FC head coach Fidelis Ilechukwu declared Kwara United the better side and criticised the attitude and application of his players following their two nil victory over the Ilorin based team at the Agege Stadium.

An own goal in the second half by Segun Alebiosu and a header in the 75th minute by Adeniji Kabiru secured a first league victory for MFM but Ilechukwu was left unsatisfied with the performance of his wards saying the goals papered over what was a bad showing by his team.

“I think we are coming up, this is not the best of our game I think, this is not [the] MFM I used to know before,” he said.

“First half was worst but thank God for the second half the only different thing is the goal that’s what I see. From the game aspect Kwara were better. Kwara was showing quality but we were not showing anything even in the second half the only difference was the goal.”

Ilechukwu said he was so incensed with the first half showing of his players that his half time team talk basically consisted of threatening to do away with “eighty percent” of the team if they lost the match.

“[I told them at halftime] you are not playing for me, you are playing for yourselves. The only thing that happened in the first half that I saw was they [didn’t] show seriousness, they [didn’t] pick throw-ins, they [didn’t] pick loose balls.

“Everybody [was] walking inside the field; it [looked like] maybe they [were] not paying them. I told them if you lose this game eighty percent will go maybe MFM will go and look for coach or player that’s it.”