Igali Emerges Vice President Of Commonwealth Wrestling Board

World and Olympic champion Hon. Daniel Igali has been elected the vice-president of the Commonwealth Wrestling Board.

The Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) president polled 19 of the available 22 votes at a meeting of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth Wrestling Committee at the just-concluded 2018 Gold Coast Games in Australia, to emerge one of the three vice-presidents of the body.

Head of Canada Wrestling Federation Don Ryan was elected president of the Board while South Africa’s Sakkie Bosse and Australia’s John Saul will join Igali as vice presidents at the Board.

The mandate which is for the next four years (from 2018-2022) will see the board improve outreach and increase its efforts for promotion and the development of wrestling within the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Wrestling Board of Directors, Secretary General and Members:

Don RYAN (CAN) – President

Sakkie BOSSE (RSA) – Vice President

John SAUL (AUS) – Vice President

Daniel IGALI (NGR) – Vice President

Ian WIGGETT (GBR – Wales) – Secretary General

Marlene POURI-LANE – Member

Ilai MANU (TKL) – Member