Ibom Angel’s Management and Technical Crew Frustrated Me – Coach Ogbonda Whyte (AUDIO)

Confluence Queens Gaffer Ogbonda Whyte has revealed the height of frustration he had to deal with while working with Ibom Angels for a two-year period.

Whyte led the Uyo based side to two consecutive Aiteo Cup finals where the team fell to Rivers United consecutively in 2017 and 2018. He however failed to guide the team all through his stay at Uyo to the Super Four in the League.

He left the team for Confluence Queens in 2019 and had not stated the reason for making such a switch at the time in his coaching career.

Whyte revealed his former employers made things difficult for him by trying to impose players and explained that some members of his technical crew were eyeing his position.

“From my experience at Ibom Angels, in terms of the players, it was very cordial. When it comes to the management and my technical crew, it wasn’t cordial that was why we were unable to get the Aiteo Cup.” Whyte told BusybuddiesNG.com.

“Some of my technical crew who want to be at the helm of affair were working with the chairman to ensure I leave the team with the hope that the chairman will be able to give them the position.” He said.

He explained that the management tried to interfere with his decisions on the pitch of play.

“Coming to the management aspect, they wanted to impose players on me and I said you don’t impose players on me. You gave me a job, you allow me to do my job. If at the end of the day you are not satisfied with my job, you are free to ask me to go but for now you allow me to do my job.

I think that is the problem I had with the management. They are so much interested in what will enter their pocket and not the welfare of the club and the players.” He concluded.

Whyte assisted Edwin Okon at Rivers Angels for nine years before taking the Uyo job.

He was replaced by Adeyemo Murufu (a former Sunshine Queens coach) eight days after his unveiling at Confluence Queens. Ibom Angels failed to progress beyond the Semifinals of the Aiteo Cup under new coach Adeyemo as the team fell to Nassarawa Amazon 3-4 via penalties. Ibom Angels went through to the Semis by beating Whyte’s Confluence Queens in the quarterfinals 2-0 in June, 2019.