IAAF President – Athletics Biggest Challenge Is Not Doping, It’s Relevance “To Young People”

IAAF President, Lord Coe, has declared that the biggest challenge facing the IAAF is not doping, but relevance to young people.

Coe, who is a double Olympic Gold medalist, told a press conference: “The biggest challenge in our sport is not doping, it(doping) is a challenge, the biggest challenge in our sport is remaining relevant to young people,”

Doping is widely considered the number one problem of world athletics by the public, but Coe insisted that the IAAF “spend pretty much most of our day discussing” on how Athletics will remain attractive to young and upcoming “athletes, administrators, and coaches”

He continued: “…finding partners, commercials and public sector partners that recognize that.”

“We’ve got systems in place that’s better than it has ever been, I know that’s possibly counter narrative at the moment but that’s the reality.”

The IAAF World Championships will commence in London this weekend, 5th Aug 2017, until 13th Aug 2017.

Lord Coe is also the Chairman of the British Olympic Association and was the chairman of the successful London bid for the 2012 Olympics.

Video Credit: Twitter.com – Dan Roan