How XFL Players Get Back on the Field (Dany Garcia & Dwayne Johnson)

Chairwoman and Owner Dany Garcia, Owner Dwayne Johnson, XFL VP of Health & Safety Kerry Gordon Innovation and NeuroSync Inc. Chairman & CEO Gary Gregory talk about the steps the XFL and NeuroSync are making together to help players return to the field.

Innovation. Health. Safety. Those are keys to our success in the integration of technology for our players in this league. That is why we partnered with NeuroSync to make their EYE-SYNC technology the Official and Exclusive Concussion Management Technology of the XFL.

Since the launch of the season, the XFL has relied on the objective data and unique insights provided by EYE-SYNC to support the concussion diagnostic decision-making process, and to ensure a safe return to play. We are proud to be the first professional sports organization to adopt EYE-SYNC as a league-wide solution and look forward to advancing concussion care in football through

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