How To Tell If Your Online Security Is Threatened?

It is impossible to solve a problem that you don’t even know you have. In the 21st century, one of the biggest problems is having your online security threatened.

Just think about it, you keep everything online. Malicious parties can access your money through online accounts and apps, all your conversations (even those most intimate) this way, and even impersonate you (and very convincingly). This is so convincing that people blame their poor online decisions on hackers.

Still, how can you tell when your online security is at risk? What are some early signs and indicators that this is the case? Here are the top seven signs that you need to pay closer attention to your accounts and devices.

1.  Getting strange notifications

Most of the time, you’ll have two-factor authentication turned on by default. This means that if you get an activation code that you never requested, there’s

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