Gattuso Confirms Higuain’s Prospective Transfer

AC Milan legend and current coach has revealed the Higuain will be interested in moving to Chelsea after failing to impress at the Milan outfit.

At his press conference after their 2-0 win at Sampdoria, which the former Real Madrid striker had very little impact, Gattuso made it known that then striker was close to making up his mind saying: “When a player makes choices, it’s difficult to convince him otherwise. One can try.”

“At this moment, he is a Milan player and we’re holding on tight. I don’t know what will happen. We are honest with each other and I want him to maintain this attitude, which has never been lacking thus far.”

There have been speculations in the media of a possible reunion between Maurizio Sarri and Higuain with a possible move to Chelsea, however, none of the parties in question have made official comments.

“I’ve talked to him a great deal, but it’s hard to give advice because the career of a player only lasts 13-14 years. It’s his mind, not mine. The most important thing is to talk as men, look each other in the eyes and speak the truth,” Gattuso added.

“I haven’t figured out what Higuain is unhappy with, because I see him look content and involved in the locker room atmosphere. We’ll see what happens. If it was up to me, I’d invite him to my house, lock him in a room and throw him food every two to three hours. Unfortunately, I can’t do that.”

Higuain has found a hard time finding the back of the net as often as he did in Juventus, scoring six in 16 appearances for the Rossoneri. A move to Chelsea will also bolster The Blues squad, who lack strength in their attack.