Freddy Shepherd: Former Club Managers, Player Attend Funeral

Former Newcastle United managers Kenny Dalglish and Sam Allardyce attended the funeral of former club chairman Freddy Shepherd earlier on Saturday.


Former club captain Alan Shearer and Everton star Wayne Rooney were also present at the funeral held at St George’s Church, in Jesmond, Newcastle.

A private cremation ceremony also took place immediately after the funeral service.

Freddie Shepherd, 75, passed away at his home on September 25.

The aforementioned Shearer while paying tribute to Shepherd during the service said:

“It is well-documented that there was another, so-called big club after me, but it was Freddy along with Kevin (Keegan), Sir John (Hall) and Douglas (Hall) who was instrumental in getting me home.”

“I left 10 years later with him as my great friend, playing for my club, breaking the goal-scoring record, living my dream.

“I can thank Freddy for all of that.” he further added.


Shearer ended his tribute by saying:

“We miss you Mr Chairman, we miss you Freddy.”